Our strategy is aimed at women in the US who use Instagram. This is approximately 39 million people. While this may be a slight overestimate of the number of people this brand will appeal to, it doesn’t drastically change the number of respondents we would need, so we felt comfortable basing our study around this statistic. The number of respondents we would then need is 385 people. We plan to employ a split strategy using Mechanical Turk and Harvard listservs. We will pay survey respondents 20 cents on Mechanical Turk in an effort to get about 275 respondents. With the Harvard listservs we will offer a randomly awarded prize of $40 to encourage female students to take the survey.

The Harvard demographic is highly appropriate for the instagram sample, as the majority of Instagram users are 18-29 years old (consisting of 55% of the total Instagram population). Thus, by targeting Harvard students, we fall squarely into the necessary range.