CEO’s Potential Theory

A wearable tech company is trying to pivot to the fashion space by piloting products co-designed with popular fashion labels. The CEO believes that fitness trackers should be more fashionable and wants to work with major brands. 


Our client is a wearable technology company closely following the failure of recent smartwatch products (IDC). Fortunately, fitness trackers are leading as the wearables market grows. The market intelligence firm IDC reports that “Where smartwatches were once expected to take the lead, basic wearables now reign supreme. Simplicity is a driving factor and this is well reflected in the top vendor list as four out of five offer a simple, dedicated fitness device. Meanwhile, from a design perspective, many devices are focusing on fashion first while allowing the technology to blend in with the background” (IDC). The new rebranding effort will focus on emotive marketing and fashion centric products (MarketingWeek). 

Survey Target

Women + men 18 to 34 old. Adult users ranging from athletic to recreational individuals interested in health data and smartwatch features. Fitness trackers tend to target people 35 to 54 whereas smartwatch owners tend to be between 18 and 34 (CNBC). We’re interested in engaging our demographic that uses instagram (18 to 34) that may see the potential in seeing it as a fashion wearable.

Potential Respondents

Fitbit has 424K Instagram followers. We’re interested in working with brands like Chanel, Shinola + Uniqlo to heighten our reach.  


  • Images: For a week each day, we as content providers will provide a daily question on our page. The response will only be a A or B answer. For example, would you cop (buy) or drop (pass)? Or Option A or B? We hope these questions will spur interest to either support of reject the CEO’s assumption.
  • Collaboration + Video: We will engage and collab with design partners, a high end brand and brand that is more accessible. We also want to engage influencers. On their disappearing “instasnap” video feeds, we will show pictures of our collaboration ideas. In addition to voting on that post, you will have the ability to swipe up, which will take users to our wearable tech page with ideas and daily question. 
  • Incentive: We will Incentivize responses by counting Likes/Comments as entries for a lottery to win a limited edition product. Each winner will appear in our video or content feed with the product.