Target User: Millennial women age 18-34 in US

Given the prompt of this week’s challenge: people buy in parts, wearing the parts as a whole but don’t make that self-expression easy. So we design a survey that helps people to find out their personal style and use this as an incentive to engage them. Our target audience will be millennial women age 18-34 in the U.S. According to data from US Census Bureau, the population of millennial women accounts for 11.5% of the total population. The size is 37,162,087 in total. Based on the total population, we calculate the sample size for our survey under 95% confidence level and 5% margin of error. We need to reach 385 people within a week.

Marketing Channel: Facebook and Instagram

The common characters of millennial are: tech-savvy, social generation, and adventurer. We chose Facebook and Instagram, the two out of the top 10 social media platforms to be the marketing channel. Facebook has higher numbers but Instagram has better statistics in engagement and content sharing. Because they both belong to same company now, it is relatively easy to post marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram together using third party tool like adespresso. Using marketing tool, we can send the right message to a specific audience, as it has options to target by location, language, age, gender and other demographics, and by psychographic behavior under our budget of $100.


(Facebook Image)


(Instagram Image)

Engagement Plan

  • Eye-catching image and message

No matter using desktop or mobile, the attention span for millennial is short, only about eight seconds, according to NYTimes. Therefore we will create an image with a clear header to attract users when they scroll the page.

  • Personalized and Customized

The traditional “one size fits all” doesn’t attract millennials. They want to know a company is paying attention to their specific needs. By completing the survey, customers will get their personal style guide based on their selection. The survey will be short (less than three minutes to finish) and interactive(like “Tinder for fashion” that customers can choose to save or disregard the style).

  • Shareable

Millennials value relationships and seek out brands that allow them to connect with each other. By appealing to millennials’ highly developed sense of self and the narcissism inherent in the “selfie” culture, the users will be encouraged to share it on their social media page after finishing the survey. They can also share their personal style on company’s website to interact with other people who also buy the similar clothes.

  • Coupon

Because millennials are more likely to share their location to receive coupons from nearby businesses and said that they would give away personal information to get more relevant advertising, they can get coupon for selective items from their survey result. It will include our brand’s item and also from other nearby stores that we can potentially partner with.