For our engagement strategy, we assumed the identity of the fashion label Topshop and identified our target market as 18-28 year old young professional, fashionable women. Our strategy focuses on using Instagram influencers to spread the word about the survey.

Using SurveyMonkey’s calculator, we estimated that we need about 1000 people to take the survey, assuming a 3% margin of error and confidence interval of 95%. We based this calculation on data from the Department for Professional Employees at the AFL-CIO, which estimates that there are approximately 8.5 million young female professionals.

One advantage of this age demographic is that they tend to be very engaged with social media, and we plan to use this to our advantage by focusing on Instagram to spread the survey link. Instagram is also a fast-moving platform, so we expect to get quick results. We plan to employ two “Instagram influencers” to help distribute the survey by paying them $50 each to post an invitation to take it (a sample post is shown in the graphic provided below).  We will aim for the two influencers to be Instagram personalities who are fashion bloggers or have accounts dedicated to fashion and regularly get 2000-5000 likes on their posts. This would suggest that they have 10-20K followers, so plenty of people would see the posts. We would only need a fraction of the people who see it to actually take the survey.


As an extra incentive, we will offer a 40% off coupon for the Topshop website to the first 1000 people to complete the survey. The limited quantity coupon is intended to motivate people to take the survey right away so that we get fast results. As further motivation, the invitation post plays on the young women’s desire to influence fashion by asking them, ”What to put your creative powers to work?” and calling them ‘Style Advisors.’