The Amazon Echo has become an indispensable part of my room. One to describe the Echo experience is seamless. Whenever there’s a gathering in the room, all I have to do is say “Hey Alexa!” from across the room, and a soothing blue light around the circumference of the top will turn on, signalling that Alexa has heard me. Then, I can verbally tell it to connect to my phone and play what I want. And whenever my friends have a song request, they can just say “Hey Alexa!” and name their song. The Echo is aesthetically simple and beautiful, and plays louder than it looks. Turning the top of the device changes the volume, and the light rim will also change colors to reflect the volume. Of course, you can also verbally tell it to quiet down, and it will get better and better at reading your speech as it gets to know you better.

The Echo is aesthetically and ergonomically a beautiful design, and reasonably priced at $179.