Our strategy is based off of the assumption that our company
is a women’s fashion company that is primarily serving millennials. We also
assume that the company has a rewards program in place for returning customers.

 The foundation of our strategy is that we are engaging with
people who already know our brand well, feel like they are a part of our
company’s community, and have an interest in our future product lines. To find
these individuals, we identify the people from the rewards program who have spent the most. These are very likely to be the people who identify
the most with our brand, have the best insights as to what would work well for
us, and would be the most interested in getting early access to our new line.

Once we have identified these people, we target them with a
message that is both flattering and engaging. We let them know that they are
VIPs to us and that their opinion is highly-valued. We also use wording to
express that this survey is sent to an exclusive community, of which they are an
integral part. We expect that giving people this sense of community and
ownership of the brand will not only increase the survey response rate, but
will foster continued long-term engagement with our brand. To further
incentivize engagement, we offer early access to our new spring line, something
that we expect this community to value (especially if we are a company that
does limited release items).

In order to simplify engagement and make it as easy as
possible for our clientele to complete the core action, responding to the
survey, our clients will receive this in their email mailbox. Additionally, we’d
increase completion of the core action by having the survey presented in an
appealing fashion – it wouldn’t be long and the questions would be easy to