Engagement Strategy

Our engagement strategy for the fashion company is to create a week-long series of Instagram posts promoting the survey. Each post will feature a different pair of photos from the survey, asking users, “Which outfit do you prefer?,” and then encouraging users to click on a link to take the actual survey in the “bio” section of the brand’s Instagram account. The respondents will be the company’s Instagram followers—essentially a cohort of the brand’s most loyal shoppers—and other Instagram users who find the post in their Instagram “Discover” tab. Each day for a week, the brand will upload a new post with two new photos. This mimics the comparison elements of the survey.

Incentivizing and Simplifying Engagement

The posts will incentivize taking the survey by giving respondents the opportunity to win one of three $30 gift cards to the store. The users taking the survey already follow the company on Instagram, indicating they like the brand, so store gift card is a desired incentive. Presumably, people scrolling through their Instagram are likely have some time on their hands (hence their engagement with the platform in the first place), so they may be particularly motivated to take the survey. We hope to motivate people to take it by presenting it within a limited time frame—one week—so followers feel they must complete the survey before they miss the chance to enter the $30 drawing.

The action is inherently simple because it is integrated into a platform that customers tend to use. The core action for the user is clicking on the user account and the link in the account bio to access the survey. At the end of the survey, users will then have the option to enter their email address to win one of the gift cards.