What i’ve got today is the Adia Dress by American apparel, which is one
of my favorite dresses I have in my closet. When I walked into American
Apparel a year or two a go, this dress instantly caught my eye because
of its dual simplicity and elegance. Though it came in many colors
(black, my favorite, being one of them), I realized I did not have
enough lighter colors in my closet so I chose the light pink. My
favorite part about the dress is its deceptive nature: on the rack, it
looks little more than a thin sack, and when on in the changing room it
seems like a pretty demure dress, but in real life walking around on the
street, the deep cut in the front and the thigh-skimming length add the
right level of risque to this otherwise conservative dress. It’s flowy
and fun, can be worn to class or to a night out on the town, and can be
worn both when you’ve been going to the gym constantly or have been
putting on those winter pounds. The Adia Dress is #WhatI’veGot!