Our engagement strategy is to use our products from the major fashion company to source prizes for a giveaway. The giveaway will be posted on the Instagram page of the company, showing the prizes and instructions for how to enter. The instructions state that to enter you must tag a friend in the comments and fill out the survey; this will result in more people viewing the post. We are assuming that we have a large amount of followers on Instagram. We will send out two photos on Instagram, one when the survey is open and one a week later when the survey is a day away from closing. Additionally, there will be three tweets throughout the week, one at the beginning with the link, one in the middle of the week, and one at the end of the week.

Using our products in the giveaway increases awareness about what type of products we offer. This exposure may result in customers eventually purchasing products if they don’t win the giveaway.

Our target population is trendy, fashionable women from age 20-28. Looking at the photos in the survey, many of the models are young and trendy. The style of photo on the survey appears to be similar to the photo styles on Instagram. There is usually one model or influencer who shows their outfits of the day on a regular basis. Therefore, it is likely that Instagram would be a helpful social media outlet to connect to our target demographic. Our customer is a young, budget conscious women, who likes to wear trendy fashion without spending too much money. The giveaway aspect of our strategy targets this desire to be on trend without spending money.

To calculate the size of the income bracket we used Survey Monkey. To determine the target population we used the number of Instagram followers of top fashion companies, like TopShop, which has 8.2 million followers; this gives us an upper bound of how many followers our company might have. TopShop targets young, fashion-conscious people on a budget with their creativity and competitive pricing. We used a 5% margin of error, and a 90% confidence level for the sample size, which gave us a sample size of 269 people [1].

This number should be very achievable, many people will be drawn to the prizes, and if we will gain exposure through the 3 tweets and two Instagrams, as well as people tagging their friends to enter the giveaway.