I just got Wemo Light Switches by Belkin for my apartment, which allows me to control my lights remotely.  The light switches connect to my wifi and also to my Amazon Alexa, so I can control the lights from my phone, iPad, or by telling Alexa to turn the lights on or off.  This product seems to be the definition of lazy, but it’s actually pretty nice to have, especially when turning the lights off to go to bed or when I walk into the apartment and my hands are full I can verbally tell the lights to come on.  The actual design of the switch is simple and minimal, so it blends in nicely.  Overall, this product is a nice-to-have device but definitely isn’t necessary or something I can’t live without.  Having had a Nest, Alexa, and these Wemo switches though I can see that the IoT house is becoming very real and I’m excited to see what other gadgets I can add in the future to make my home more connected.