I’ve chosen to write about the Slinky for this week’s What I’ve
Got, not explicitly for the design itself, but the marketing design for the
Slinky. Slinky creators Betty and Richard James initially created 400 Slinkys
that they sold in Gimbels in 1945. However, none of their product sold until
they set up an inclined plane to demonstrate the Slinky’s movement. In this
way, the James couple personified the Slinky and demonstrated the movement that
was essential in transforming the product from a spring to a friend.

The actual design of the Slinky is certainly commendable. It’s essentially a flexible bedspring that is tactically amusing to play with. The clean stainless steel color is instantly recognizable and aesthetically pleasing. This simplicity of coloring has allowed for the creative imaginings of the populace to build upon the original design.