Poppin is an office supply company that creates simple, functional, affordable accessories that brighten your desk. The products have a really attractive uniformity—pretty much every product is made entirely with hard plastic, which creates a clean look. Poppin products have a beautiful color palate that allows them to be mixed and matched so customers can create a unique looking desk space. In addition, the items in the desk set are designed to be stackable, which makes the line cohesive, and again, easy to mix and match. It’s no wonder these products have in particular taken off as must-have accessories for trendy workplaces, including LinkedIn, Rent the Runway, Squarespace, and Warby Parker.

I really like my Poppin product because they are be both functional, durable, and cool. I think the company did an outstanding job selecting colors that pop yet are cohesive with each other. Office products that you would find at Staples appear really over-designed compared to the simplicity of Poppin.