Move Forward is looking at taxi drivers being displaced by
the rise of companies like Uber and Lyft. These companies offer less expensive
and more convenient rides for their users. The ease of hailing a car is place
in the palm of every person with a smartphone.
Taxi trip in large cities like Los Angles have fallen by more than 42%
according to the city records. This puts a lot of their employees out of a job
and puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the entire business to close its
doors.  So what can these taxi drivers do
as they try to move forward?? This is where move forward can assist them with
this process.


Move Forward is a platform where these displaced drivers have the opportunity to explore, connect, learn, teach and grow in the company. The major goal is to determine what being a taxi driver meant to the individual and helps the to transition to something that is similar and eventually propel them into a better situation.

Move Forward looks into the skill set of the taxi driver. They have a good sense of direction, good people skills, navigation, driving and the ability to deal with customers from various backgrounds. The application is able to pair this with the interest of that particular user to create a list of opportunities that the person might eat to pursue in the future.

Then they are put into a transition period, which looks to get the driver back on their feet as quickly as possible. The driver can go work far a car hailing service like positions is available on the application.

The motivation for this target is at its highest the moment that they lose their position as a taxi driver. The key to the platform is that it takes advantage of this time to get the user on the right path. From there motivation begins to fade and there are some key aspects that help maintain the persons interest. The user is partnered with someone that is in a similar situation as him or her or is a friend. Through out the process they are able to monitor each others process which creates a friendly competition between the two user. Secondly, they have a number of skills needed in order to reach the goal that they set at the beginning which have classes and activities to help them achieve these goals. The app has notifications that pop u and track progress based on how close you are to the goal. The application will also allow for backward movement due to a setback but always provides suggestions on how one might improve. Another feature is the groups of similar goals. You can join groups of classes or resources that they find helpful. You also can provide words of encouragement for the other members of the group. Lastly, once you become proficient at a certain skill you will have the opportunity to become a teacher and teach your new skill to someone else. This will ensure that you have mastered the skill enough to teach someone else.