Platform Overview

LifeSaver is an immersive
virtual reality platform designed to reintroduce military training for military
members who are scheduled to be deployed. It connects military officials with
these members in order to get them ready for service. Military officials have
the power of adding and subtracting modules based on relevance to the


It’s Abstract: The modules
are all set in the fictional world of LifeSaver Land in order to ease the
transition to military life (it can be jolting to be immersed in a realistic
terrain for modules and then return to your home life) and removes racial
profiling in the app design

It’s Mission Driven: Each
week the soldiers are given a Mission module where they review updates on the
situation in LifeSaver Land (modelled after the actual country of their
assignment) to remind them why they’re being deployed in the first place.

It’s a Game: Each successful
module brings you one life saver closer to securing the entire country of
LiveSaver Land and thus completing your training.

It’s Realistic: In addition
to training and fitness modules, the military member will have modules that
involve base camp duties and other everyday military life details to keep them
ready for real life.

It’s regular: One module a
day, every day, is enough to train the member.

The User Journey

login, the user is requested to input their military ID number so that
LifeSaver can load the correct modules based on the user’s assignment. Each
LiveSaver Land has modules created specifically for the real life assignment.
They are then briefed about the overall situation of their LiveSaver Land and
are told that they are travelling around the country to save lives. Once the
tour is completed, LifeSaver Land is saved. Each step corresponds to a
completed module. The ordering of modules is determined by the user’s military
supervisor, who is able to move around modules and add/subtract modules to
LifeSaver Land even while the user is playing.

Proof of Progress for
the User

biggest proof of progress for the user is progress around the LifeSaver map.
It’s broken down to be digestable training that doesn’t take the user’s entire
day. There’s no way to “binge” training, since each day brings a new module.
Furthermore, built in competitions reward the user for good behavior with off
days or reward modules.

Behavior Change for the

We break this down in
accordance to BJ Fogg’s model:

Trigger: The map of LifeSaver Land gets texted to your phone in the mornings, serving as a visual reminder of your progress. 

Motivation: The US
military requires successful completion of the training. Not completing it will
earn you demerits on the first day.

Ability: These military members have been trained before, so what they learn in the modules is something they’ve done in base training before. This is just a reminder to get them back into the swing of things.