I must admit that I’m in love
with my class ring. After receiving it at the ring ceremony during Junior
Parents Weekend, I’ve been constantly admiring it. In my opinion it is much
better than MIT beaver ring (nicknamed brass rat) – that sucker is way too big,
square, and ostentatious to wear. One would risk looking like a rapper wannabe
to people who don’t know the significance of the brass rat. The beauty of the
One Ring is that it doesn’t scream attention or scream Harvard. The crest is
subtle because it is of the same color and material as the rest of the ring,
and only becomes clear when struck by light at just the right angle.

Every ring is custom made, and
often people customize the sides with engravings of their house crest, year,
and one club crest. Name engravings are also done on the inside of the

Even the tradition behind the
ring is special- before you graduate you wear the ring with the crest pointing
towards yourself. Once you graduate, you point it towards the world.