Warning: this post uses the F-word a whole lot.

Credit: Lance Oppenheim, who’s in this class, was the one who told me about this.

‘Go Fucking Work’ is a chrome extension that blocks you from using certain websites. Any time you try to access a website that you designate as restricted, it redirects you to https://www.gofuckingwork.com/?lang=en-US where it has a simple but clear message displayed (that changes each time you visit the page. Some example messages are “YOU’RE NOT A KARDASHIAN. FUCKING WORK.” or “STOP FUCKING REFRESHING. WORK.” or “REMEMBER WORK? FUCKING DO IT.” I immediately set it up and put facebook on the blocked list. 

I find it to be a pretty funny and helpful service that definitely accomplishes its goal of blocking users from distracting sites while not being super annoying.