Backpacks have given me a plethora of problems since I was in high school. The perfect backpack, for me, is sturdy, big but not bulky, easy to access, aesthetically simple/clean and reasonably priced. Before I found this roll top backpack, I could never find a backpack with all of these factors. Then I found it:

I love roll top backpacks because they’re so much easier to access than zippers. The roll top also adds a nice look to the backpack even though it’s so plain. The material is extremely sturdy and the buckle is big with an adjustable strap. The bag has an inner pocket specifically for my laptop, a small outer pocket, and adequate space in the rest of the bag for all my books, water bottle, pencil case, snacks, etc. And it was only $20. Unreal, I know. This is, without a doubt, the best backpack I’ve ever owned!