I recently received this as a belated birthday gift from someone who knows I lose things quite often. However, keys are one of the few things I don’t manage to lose that frequently (phone, wallet, pencils, chargers, and coffee mugs are misplaced on a daily basis), so I wasn’t sure how useful it would be. Turns out- pretty useful. I have misplaced my keys more often that I thought, and this little thing saves me time from trying to determine if the keys are in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or still in the front door. It’s more of a time saver than a life saver; I would probably find my keys eventually, but the tile saves me the extra two-minutes of hunting. It is also handy that it connects to my phone and iPad, and I have probably used it to locate my phone more than I’ve used my phone to locate my keys (if you double-click the ‘e’ on the tile, it rings your phone). 

The tile runs off Bluetooth, so it won’t work well if Bluetooth is turned-off or if the keys/ phone is out of range. But for my purposes thus far, it’s been pretty handy. You can ring your keys via any connected device (iPad, phone), and can ring any connected device with the tile on your keys. It’s small, discrete, easy to use, and pretty affordable. I’m also considering getting one to put in my wallet.