I just got the new MacBook Pro last weekend and spent the past week getting it set up and discovering new features.  I had a previous version of the MacBook Pro, so this newer one is not drastically different.  Things I’ve always liked about the MacBook Pros are how reliable and easy to use they are, and I really like the touchpad of these compared to other computer brands.  The overall design of the new MacBook Pro looks very similar to the previous models, except the apple logo on the cover is now a mirror and doesn’t light up, the function keys have been replaced with a new touch bar, and overall this version is slimmer and lighter.  The touch bar doesn’t seem to bring that much additional functionality to the computer, and I’ve found myself rarely using it this past week.  The main benefits of this new model seem to be how fast this computer is and how bright and vivid the screen is, which is substantially better than my previous MacBook Pro model.  A few other design features of this laptop include the addition of USB-C ports instead of the traditional USB and SD card ports for increased file transfer speed, as well as an expanded screen covering more area of the lid.  With one week of use so far I have really enjoyed using this new laptop.  The design and overall computer interface are not too different from the previous models, which I like because it’s really easy to use and I didn’t have to relearn where buttons are and how everything functions.  Apple seems to have maintained the motto of “If it’s not broken don’t fix it”, because their laptops have always had a great user interface and this one is no exception.