The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best way to read a book. While some people prefer classic paper books, the Kindle allows me to carry hundreds of books around at the same time, always weighing a minuscule 7.5 ounces. At 6.7″ x 4.6″ x 0.36”, the Kindle takes up nearly no space in any bag or backpack. Because of it’s dimensions and ability to store so many books at once, it is ideal for traveling, hiking, and a college dorm room.

While many refuse to use e-readers because of the glare from screens that makes it uncomfortable to read, the Kindle has a special background that makes the screen look like a piece of paper and has no glare. Other perks of the Kindle include only needing to charge it about once a month, being able to read in the dark (because the screen lights up and brightness can be adjusted), and being able to press on words for their definition. The Kindle automatically saves these vocabulary words for the reader and allows readers to highlight their favorite quotes. Books can be purchased instantly, and the Kindle even recommends books based on what you have already read.

The design and perks of the Kindle make it a much better reading option than normal books. It is more convenient to carry more books and you can do it anywhere.