These double-stick mounting squares come with a slight but unexpected
learning curve to use most efficiently, yet used properly they are extremely
useful. The packaging design itself is well thought out: there’s a slit in the
bottom of the box you slide out the “tape” of squares, and if you thread it
through the cardboard loop and bend it just so, the squares come off the tape
naturally and right onto your waiting photo. Then, the blue flap protecting the
other side is easily removed with a finger. Not doing it this way, of course, requires
a sloppier procedure where you bend the squares onto your fingers and then off
again, so with this product the packaging/dispensing adds much to the overall
use experience.

Of course, in addition to clever packaging, the squares are
a nice solution to the adhesive problem: flat and small, they keep up most any
photo on a wall or poster, or in a scrapbook, while providing little bulge and
no risk of damaging the photo with smeared glue or too-sticky tape when
removed. I’ve used a small box of these squares to hang photos around my
desk/dorm for many years, since it’s easier and cleaner than trying to roll up
tape or use wall gum.