Some decisions come easily to me, but some (like choosing courses) seem endlessly vexing. This book is my new go-to for the trickiest dilemmas. The compact design and slim profile make it easy to tuck into a purse or leave at my bedside, and the content is arranged in a bite-size format that is perfect for the hectic grad student lifestyle. The authors present “fifty of the best decision-models ever developed,” many of which extend beyond decision making to related topics such as conflict resolution, team building, and efficiency. The models are illustrated with diagrams that provide clear visual representations of the concepts discussed. I don’t agree with each one (e.g. an interesting take on Maslow’s hierarchy that I’m not sure really works for me), but they’re food for thought in any case, and I’ve already found several useful frameworks to apply to everything from small life choices to business plans for my team’s venture.