The Nest Thermostat is a smart learning thermostat that can program itself by learning what temperature you like you’re home at and what times you are typically home.  The thermostat optimizes your heating and cooling to save energy and thereby lower your energy bill.  The device also pairs with your smartphone, so you can control your home temperature from an app and make adjustments even when you’re not home.  The device provides indicators, such as a leaf icon, when you’re set at an energy-saving temperature, and the system also provides you with metrics on how much energy you’ve saved or how you can adjust your habits to use less energy.  The design of the Nest is very pleasing compared to traditional boxy temperature control panels on your wall.  The design is small and simple, and comes in a variety of colors to blend in with different interiors.  The device is also well-designed to pair with other smart-home systems, such as the Google Home, so you can verbally tell the Nest what temperature you want the house at.  Between its simplistic design, friendly user-interface, ability to integrate with other smart-home products, and ability to cut down on energy, the Nest has become a very desirable product.