What does the Canadian Rockies smell like? Well, I lived there for most of my life and could not quite describe a scent to you. But the wonderful people at Indigo (a major bookstore brand) tried to figure it out and created a scented candle based on this smell. Through this candle line, Parfums du Canada, they also put a scent to Canadian Campfire, Muskoka, and Lake Louise (not quite sure how different the Lake Louise scent is to that of the surrounding rocky mountains).

I was given this candle as a gift from my parents over the holidays so that I can be reminded of home, while living in Cambridge. Although I’m not totally sold on if it actually smells like the rocky mountains, it is a nice gesture and does remind me of my family. Such a simple, household item was cleverly designed through advertising to give a sense of longing, and maybe even nostalgia. The idea of relating a feeling of comfort and home to a sense- whether actually representative or not- is quite powerful, and I’m sure this candle line has had much success with other young adults living abroad, like myself.