I adore this game. As someone who loves words, I always felt like I should love Scrabble, but it never quite won me over. Bananagrams speeds up the gameplay and adds a boost of adrenaline. It’s open to endless variations and made-up rules. When the standard game starts to get old, we add in special requirements (playing at least 3 animal names, working in holiday-themed terms, creating geometric shapes with the tiles, or whatever else seems like a good challenge). The game is equally enjoyable for 2 people or a large group, and you can even play on your own. When I was in high school, my mom and I would have ongoing conversations through Bananagrams messages we left out on the table for each other, and I later got to know my college roommates through Bananagrams matches on the floor of our room. Bananagrams does exactly what a game should do: challenges, entertains, and invites creativity.