For my Challenge 2, I chose to create presentation and portfolio templates, as well as redesign the icon for the Affinity Designer software.

For my presentation template, I chose to adopt a Pantone-inspired palette and format that uses simple black and white text and color blocking for readability and to make content stand out.

My portfolio template follows a similar styling, but has a more dynamic layout that bases pages around the desired content.

For my logo redesign, I chose to focus on Serif’s Affinity Designer logo, which has recently been made more intricate and almost machine like (below).

The “high-tech” bordering and the seemingly arbitrary collection of tessellating shapes inside the main triangle make for a busy and very detailed logo that doesn’t read well at small scales and isn’t very memorable.

I was inspired by an earlier version of Affinity Designer’s logo, with a basic three tone scheme and clear interaction of elements (below).

In the end, I developed a logo based on the original three color scheme, but removed shadowing and the pencil/pen imagery to create a simple and clean icon for the application.