My immersive experience is targeted towards companies instead of individuals, as companies are always trying to find ways to increase the productivity of their employees. The poster is intentionally vague in order for the company to contact the organization and find out more. The cubes are an allusion to the activity itself, as particpants will have to move through different rooms. Also, the level is an allusion to the fact that teams will literally be ascending different levels. The way it will work is that different companies and organizations (hopefully from different industries/sectors) sign up their employees. If they want a private session, teams will be randomized among division. If they are fine with an open session, teams will be randomized across companies, so that people will be paired with people who do not work at their organization. Everyone starts at the ground floor of an empty office building and enter separate rooms; there will be an introductory challenge where all the members must find as many similarities as possible between each other and create a team logo; there will be a winning team for most similarities, and a winning team for best logo. After that, the challenges will range from the physically interesting to the mentally taxing, as participants will compete to create the best tasting chocolate recipe with random ingredients, write the catchiest jingle, overcome a mini obstacle course with the fastest time, and escape a room also in the fastest time. After each challenge is completed, the teams will ascend one floor. Obstacles will intentionally be thrown in teams’ paths (e.g. incomplete instructions, broken tools, insufficient clues) as well as advantages at various points. When teams arrive at the fifth floor, they will find themselves in a dark room, upon which an overview of the earth will be projected (as there has been evidence of an “overview effect,” where people feel more connected to humaity once they’ve seen the entire globe at a glance).

Participants will leave this program with new friends and new tools on how to work together and converse with people different from themselves.