Just some photoshop fun in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Photo is my own, taken at Petali Flowers this past Saturday.

People usually make icons that show the more positive aspects of life, so I wanted to challenge myself and display the gritty realities. While the middle backstabbing icon is pretty clear, the one on the right and the left are intentionally ambiguous for the user to decide what message they want to convey. When I asked people what they thought when they saw these, the heart skull received everything from a love that is dead to a love that is dangerous. The eye on the right ranged from being “blind”to something to seeing something one wasn’t supposed to see.

I wanted this logo to have a mix of structure and freedom/breaking boundaries, as I am a person that likes to both be structured and break conventions. The wild S is my real signature, and along with the symbolism, I also find my signature breaking out of a box to be aesthetically pleasing as well.