This product–another great Amazon Prime find–is essential for dorm life. Prior to buying this product, I shared my roommates IKEA drying rack, which was essentially just a collection of wooden rods poking through holes in other wooden rods. I finally decided to upgrade and was so happy with my purchase. This drying rack is made of metal, actually comes pre-assembled and screwed together (take note, IKEA!), and has a lot of awesome features. It has a mesh drying shelf for laying down sweaters, as well as two retractable shoe holders that you can dry sneakers or other shoes on. One thing that I really appreciate is the thickness of the metal bars. The drying rack I used last year was a simple rack where the clotheslines were very thin, stiff metal cords. It was impossible to drape a sweater or pair of leggings on this rack without it drying with a big crease from the metal cords. The design of my new drying rack eliminates this problem. It also folds flat very easily and neatly for convenient storage.