For Challenge2A, I was very excited by the prospect of finding ways to marry some extracurricular projects I’ve been working on w/ the design tips I picked up in last Wednesday’s class. First, I decided to stitch together two photographs (of the T-station in downtown) into one to create a visually captivating background.

Next up, I turned my attention to attempting to create logos I could use in my own personal/commercial work. After messing around in both Illustrator and Photoshop (via the aid of resources like and Fontpair), I managed to create three separate logos: two for my own use and another for my production company (To Be Formed, Corp). For the “To Be Formed” logo, I looked at the iconography of the HBO series HIGH MAINTENANCE & Brad Pitt’s production company PLAN B Entertainment.

Lastly, I managed to work on a few presentation slides for a documentary series I’ve been attempting to make that explores the lives of individuals who choose to live in non-traditional spaces.