There are a lot of things to be said about the iPhone 4, but
I’d like to focus on a few of its key qualities, which have kept it my (still)
current phone (for 6.5 years).

The most important quality for me has been its durability.
The number of times I’ve dropped it (or dropped it to show people it doesn’t
break) with no resulting problem to the screen has more than proved its value.
The glass and metal encasing has allowed the phone to outlast 3 different
cases. And while I’ve enable the on-screen home button, the home butten has
also refused to entirely wear out.

The second thing I like about the phone, compared to current
models, is its size. It’s smaller than all the current models, which I like – I
don’t use it as a primary screen for any purpose save texting/messaging – so it’s
light and fits nicely into most any pocket.

Finally, the battery life, compared to that of friends’
iPhones, is unreal: I can use it all day and have between 50-65% of battery
life left when I go to sleep.

While the phone is far from perfect, and I’m planning to get a new one soon, the 4 has more than met my basic needs while never breaking, running out
of battery, or being annoyingly large.