1) Icons

For this aspect of the challenge, I decided to design icons based on things I like to do: mountain bike, rock climb, and ski. The first line of icons are detailed, and the second are more symbolic, representative of the action. I created these icons using the ‘pen’ tool in Illustrator. 

2) Logo

I decided to use an existing (similar-sounding) brand to help imagine what a logo could look like for a platform that my group is developing in our design studio class. The application, called Fare+Square, seeks to help low-income shoppers find the lowest prices and coordinate their benefits and budgets. The brand I looked-to for inspiration is Square POS, the mobile payment system. Our product is much different, but I was interested in how the Square brand incorporated the square shape in a beautiful, simple, symbolic way. I designed this logo in Illustrator, using a simple font and soft, square elements.

3) Manipulate photo into background

I chose a photo that I took at Inle Lake, Myanmar. The image is simple, yet interesting and beautiful. In Photoshop, I modified the lightness, hue, and saturation so it can be used as a background for any sort of presentation, poster, or advertisement.