These STEADLER triplus pens are very desirable because they draw with consistency and vibrant ink almost every use. STEADLER is known for their high-quality products. Initially known for making pencils, “J.S. Staedtler founded his pencil making factory within Nuremberg’s old city walls back in 1835.″ 

J.S. Staedtler’s has a family history of hand making pencils going back to 1662. The long standing history of this brand has stood the test of time. These pens are triangular in shape, allowing those who struggle with fine motor skills or are holding the pen for an extended use to be able to hold onto this pen with ease. Though one of my favorite features to this is set is the way the pens stand on a flat surface.

Overall, I will continue to buy these pens and even willing to buy any STAEDTLER pen due to the high quality of experienced with these pens above.


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