Below is my sample layout for a presentation. Building on my own design aesthetic, I’m aiming for simplicity, sleekness, and minimalism. The main font I used is Roboto, a sleek sans-sarif font. The presentation would be mostly photographs with as little text as possible, to be the most attention grabbing. And finally, the main colors used are all carefully paired together (this blue, yellow, and red) to complete this modern aesthetic for this powerpoint. 


I loved designing my portfolio using Adobe InDesign. Again, similar to the presentation above, it’s a reflection of my design perspective: clean, simple minimalist, contemporary. There’s lots of negative space, and it’s laid out mostly using black and white. The font, again, is just variations on Robota, which I’m clearly a fan of.

Below are some pages I designed, most of them pictured as the entire spread. 


Since Amsterdam is my favorite place in the world, I attempted to create some icons about the things I associate most with the city: cheese, beer, great coffee, and, of course, canal houses. Admittedly, these did not turn out nearly as beautiful as I’d intended and wanted them to be, even after staring at Illustrator trying to perfect the Pen tool for a while. Although I very much struggle with Illustrator still, I’m excited to get much better at using Illustrator, though, and hopefully mastering the Pen tool in the future!