Challenge 2:

Image 1 is a design for my own personal logo. I experimented with different effects of overlaying rectangular boxes in an attempt to create something that looked like a frame, which embodies my passion for artwork.  I enjoy the abstract quality of both the lines and my font choice which states my initials: jrb.

I continued this geometric them in my slide layouts seen in Image 2. I was inspired by Mondrian’s artwork, and tried to redefine the space on the page with basic geometry. I purposefully kept the primary colors to a limited area to simplify the pages.

My first icon is inspired again by my love of art, and attempted to recreate an artist’s palette. The second icon symbolizes my hometown of Naples, FL. I enjoyed using the paintbrush tool to create lose, tropical palm leaves. The final icon represents a hospital, because I am interested in healthcare and global health. 

Using my logo I made a mock-up portfolio page, but am continuing to work on it.