I have very little experience with graphic design, so I decided to plunge into this challenge and try all of the 5 designs (a decision that definitely helped me get a better feel of graphic design, though I still have a long way to go until I feel like a pro, or even half of a pro).

1) Icons

For my icon designs, I was interested in creating designs that don’t quite exist (thus, my attempts at an icon with the trans symbol and the sloth) and those that do exist (the movie camera and the XO symbol). I wanted to keep the color scheme and style the same throughout the design, and I wanted to make the icons look slick. I am very interested in the manipulation of white space, so that is why I chose a black background and made white the art instead. 

2) Presentation Templates

I really like the Drop Shadow effect, so I wanted to experiment with that in a PowerPoint presentation. I feel that the effect worked best in my template for the Section Header slide. In general, I wanted to create a PowerPoint template that had carefully chosen colors (decided via a color generator) and readability (via the transparent background).

3) Portfolio Template

I don’t really have anything to display in a portfolio at the moment, but I really wanted to try making a template that was, once again, very conscious of its color choice and fonts but also interesting to look at.

4) Logo

I initially misunderstood the logo assignment, so I first decided to take the Paramount Studios logo and slightly alter it. After realizing my mistake, I made a new logo that was still inspired by the Paramount Studios logo but integrated the lotus flower, which is my favorite flower.

5) Photoshop Manipulation

I wanted to manipulate an image to create an artistic-looking background that won’t distract from the foreground content. So I changed the image’s color to sepia and increased the exposure.

Photo Credit: Changes were made to HAUTE TA ACT by heavy_sleeper on Flicker. Used under Creative Commons—Attribution 2.0 Generic License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/).