Disney sought a new way to improve the experience and cues at it’s parks. After being inspired by nike’s fitness band and similar band technologies, outside design agencies including Frog Design created the concept of the Magic Band. The band has transformed the experience at Disney’s parks. 

The band is given to every patron at the park. The outerly simple, but highly innovative device contains sensors and a radio transmitter. The sensors allow for patrons to swipe onto rides. The radio allows for Disney to pinpoint the location of the patrons. Thus, when you sit down for dinner, the servers can find you; and they know each person’s name upon arrival. Furthermore, Snow White and Mickey now have the ability to find you. 

After several tests & prototypes, Disney bet a billion dollars on the product and decided to install sensors throughout the park. 

Info + image source: https://www.wired.com/2015/03/disney-magicband/