As a flutist, I am absorbed in the niche world of flute accessories. I have this flute case and it is one of my treasures. It was a gift to me by the maker of my instrument, and highly desired by many of my peers. Most flutes come in synthetic cases, that are made of plastic and covered with a faux-leather. They work fine and have a very standard look. But wooden cases are desirable for many flutists because they look polished and luxurious, while being very safe. These Powell hardwood cases are my favorite because the cherry wood color is gorgeous, and they don’t have the lacquer or shiny finish of many of the other wood cases on the market. This case retains a very natural, smooth finish without the sheen. Inside, there is a silicone molding in place of what is usually velvet, so dust and fuzz doesn’t stick as much, and your instrument is held very firmly in place without any warping that comes with time. This case is the most functional and beautiful one that I’ve found. It is the most satisfying way to carry my precious instrument.