My icons, logos, and presentation template all were all inspired by minimalist design. My icons, rendered in flexible black and white, and are purposeful. The calendar icon is at an angle, representing vitality and dynamism. The buildings in the “city” icon show a chronological trajectory upward as time goes on. Of course, the basketball is at an angle to show its dynamic nature, as well.

The Verizon logo that I revamped shows upward motion, and eliminates criticism of their newest logo redesign, in that it is simple, meaningless, and recreates the brand identity they previously lost. The CareerBuilder logo is a pragmatic and grounded take on a redesign of their logo. “Career” is in a serif font to represent formality, and “Builder” is in a sans-serif block font. Both are placed on a ramp, again giving upward motion. Ramps are also literally used in building, so the name is further heightened.

My template for presentations keeps a very minimalist slide layout, only utilizing two fonts, one serif and one sans serif to maintain continuity, yet distinguish between the two types of information.