This is either
really bad design or almost good design that is negated by poor placement. I
can’t really tell. Outside the science center there are a bunch of ‘bike racks’
that are either really poorly made or are, in fact, not bike racks but
individual parts of a fence that for some reason ended up exactly where
everyone wants to put their bikes. They look like this.


If they are bike racks, they are the worst bike racks I have ever come across. The slots aren’t big enough for a bike to go in and be locked and the top is too high for bikes to easily be put on top. The result is that people have to lift their bikes up and over in order to lock up.

If they are not bike racks, and instead are pieces of a fence, then it’s a decent design if they are intending to discourage people from locking their bikes to it. However, there are 3 individual pieces of the fence that aren’t connected at all and certainly aren’t stopping people from going anywhere so I’m not sure why they are put there. If I had to guess I would say they’re most likely pieces of a fence that somehow ended up there. Pretty weird!