OpenTable is an app which makes cultural immersion through the sharing of cuisines simple. Once you have created an account which includes a family name, number of family members, type of food you generally eat, cuisines you are interested, and weekend availability. The app then matches you with another family in the are who is interested in the food your family usually eats, and usually eats the food your family is interested in. Once a match is made an both families agree to meet at proposed time the OpenTable dinner-date is on!

How does this app provide an immersive experience? – The entire experience is built on the hospitality and interaction of families. Cooking together and sharing a meal fosters a welcoming environment to learn about other perspectives and cultures. By learning how to cook new recipes people can obtain a deeper understanding of the richness of culture and tradition. The food can act as a catalyst to more meaningful discussion. Eating together as a family can positively improve the family dynamic. The best part is that this will not cost the family any more money than their meal would have cost at home!