Project “Hao” is a project promoting gender equality and women empowerment in Taiwan, a country where I was born and raise. Although in politics, we have selected the first female president in Asia and according to the Gender Inequality Index(GII) published by UNDP, Taiwan ranked top one among other Asian countries, in fact our daily life, there are still many traditional views and biases that happen. 

As a result, the idea of “Hao” project came from the Chinese Character which is combined with two parts. The left part means “female” and the right part means “male”. The combination of these two parts forms the word “Hao” which is good and harmony in Chinese. I want people to should realize the importance of promoting women’s right and mutual respect among gender is based on the effort from both men and women. And this activities should happen not only in conference or workshop, but should be in our daily life. 

The project will take place on March 8th, the international women’s day and at 3:08pm with three different actions. Acton 1 and 2 are both men and women share what they have done better to promote gender equality and what they can do to improve in the next stage. Action 3 is to share their “xie xie”, which means thank you in Chinese on social media or website. I hope people will be more aware about the gender issue, feel more empathy and willing to show their gratitude to signifiant person.