War is often the material manifestation of many political
debates. Why do we fight? Do we fight to gain resources, to protect a country,
to spread democracy, or to defeat terrorism? History has not only demonstrated
numerous motivations for warfare but also has highlighted many multifaceted
issues that face a nation. Of course, there are many diverse perspectives that
attempt to resolve each debate but would your position change if you were to
actively engage in – fight the war for – the change that you try to create. Would
you support the Iraq War if you were the one to fight? Often, the politicians
or even the pedestrians who debate both formally and casually the issues facing
their country are removed from the fight. At WAR, we hope to enrich this
discussion by allowing these remote people to experience the means to the end
for which they argue. WAR aims to disrupt your steadfast political beliefs and foster

You can come to WAR alone or with a group and are given the
opportunity to fight for your most impassioned beliefs. Upon arrival at the New
York State Military Museum, you select a political topic or war that you
support. You are brought to a virtual and augmented reality screening room
where you will receive a virtual headset and army props. The surround sound, the
innovative virtual reality technology, and the complexity of the designed
missions create an almost-real environment for the subject. As you progress
through your mission, you can experience the trials and tribulations that
underpin the resolutions to these nationwide debates. After participating in
WAR, you will be armed with new and rare context with which you can more competently
engage in these political debates.