The Everlane Snap Backpack is a hidden (though increasingly less so) gem of a backpack. With a stylish drawstring closure and a reverse denim finish accented with black leather, the design is extremely popular with college students looking to make more of a statement with their backpack.

A combination of the high quality materials, clean lines, and well executed (but minimalistic) details like contrast sticking, leather accents, and drawstring knots make this a very desirable backpack.

Everlane also has a well crafted brand story and brand belief. Aimed to giving customers a breath of fresh air from ridiculous markups and low transparency in traditional retail. Their clean aesthetic, brand belief, and tagline “Radical Transparency” says it all. Every product page includes a section that breaks down the cost by component and tells the customer exactly how much the markup is. Because of their direct to consumer ecommerce business model, Everlane is able to have a markup of about 2x, rather than 5x in traditional retail. My favorite thing about Everlane is the way they market themselves and their products. They have less than 100 SKUs, and every design follows a “less is more” philosophy and has a different tagline associated with it. Their products are made in China, and and they not only say it as it is, but also show pictures of the exact factory. Obviously a lot of this is simply crafted content but the strategy and execution are as good as it gets.