Earplugs have been a crucial part of my life since I started college. They’re insanely helpful for sleeping and studying.

These CVS earplugs are the ones I have. They are simple, soft and made of foam. To use them, you roll the thinner part of the earplug until it’s thin enough to go in the ear, and then you put it in your ear. They don’t block out all noise but help substantially at lowering loud noises and getting rid of background noise. I also appreciate that the material is washable and can be reused.

I just wish they could fit better in my ear and that they would block out more noise. For some reason, my CVS earplugs don’t all fit the same way in my ear. Some are easier to roll thin and others are not. They also don’t block out all noise.

All in all, however, I can’t sleep at Harvard without these and I appreciate their simple but effective design.