Nail polish remover pads (not necessarily Sephora brand, just in general) are an amazing product that I discovered just this year. Normally when I want to remove my nail polish, I have to use a bottle of nail polish remover and 3-4 cotton balls. One by one I plug the nail polish remover bottle with a cotton ball, flip it over so that the cotton ball is soaked, and then scrub the polish off my nails until the cotton ball has no clean spots left. This process is really tedious and it usually takes a lot of scrubbing to remove the polish from each nail. Nail polish remover pads make this process so much easier. The 2-inch squares come individually wrapped and are thin cotton completely soaked through in polish remover. Because they are so saturated, they remove nail polish with only one or two easy swipes. They also make it much easier to remove nail polish on the go–for example, I can easily bring one on a plane when I travel, and I can’t do this with a full bottle of nail polish remover. They are really inexpensive and are made by a variety of companies.