Bed lifts are so useful that many students use them, yet so
unobtrusive that many also forget about them after placing them during move-in.
Available in varying heights, bed lifts provide a simple but helpful function:
raising the level of your mattress to provide greater under-bed storage space,
at little cost to your room layout and your wallet. Though they come in varying
heights, I use the 7” model, which provide just enough lift to fit a dorm trunk
underneath. The design prioritizes this function, with a hefty plastic
shape/supports and a lip to keep the bed from sliding off the top. The black
color blends in with the black of most frames. Though the newer version of
Harvard’s dorm furniture might render the bed lifts useless (as it includes a
height-adjustable bed frame), the old foot-lifted bed frames are in sore need
of the raise these solid plastic cups provide.