The Kid President Experience draws inspiration from the hit Youtube and TV personality, “Kid President”. Kid President videos are easy to understand for all ages and the concepts discussed are simple but universal. The messages center around making the world and better place and being kind to one another through simple, humorous terms. 


In my own experience, watching Kid President videos always leave me feeling inspired and more aware of how I treat people despite how simple the videos are.

The Kid President Experience takes from this. The set up is a gallery space with large open areas with sections and rooms for workshops, activities and videos. Some walls will have vinyl/painted Kid President quotes. Kid President and other kids (who are cast and carefully chosen) are the ‘actors’ and run the different sections of the experience. They engage with the participants through workshops, activities and discussion panels. These would include “Working Together”, “20 Things We Should Say More Often” and “Sticky Note Trades”. The activities encourage participants to become more understanding of others. They allow participants to talk and engage with all the other participants, to write down their ideas and to trade those ideas with others.


Other features, as outlined on the informational poster, include ‘pep talks’ from Kid President and video projections.

The very nature of the experience makes it so that no direct political issues or parties are even mentioned. The goal is to simply promote understanding among strangers. The experience is also appropriate for all ages.