I find my State backpack desirable in several ways. It has all of the elements that I look for in a backpack—multiple storage compartments, water resistant fabric, padded laptop sleeve. It is highly functional and versatile, and the style is more simple than other backpacks that have an array of paneling, elastic, etc. adorning the front of the bag. State’s signature red rivet in the middle of the pack is a subtle but cute addition that distinguishes the brand. 

But the physical design itself is not the only thing that makes the backpack desirable. For each backpack sold, State gives another backpack to a child in need in the U.S.—a small but significant act of philanthropy. Like many other consumers, I appreciate this buy-one-give-one mission (which they have cleverly titled #GiveBackPack) that makes me as a consumer feel good about buying from the company.