Lululemon is a Canadian athletics apparel store that started in Vancouver in 1998. I instantly became a devout Lulu fan when I received a bundle of clothes through an athletics sponsorship, and have since owned a version of most clothing items at some point in my life. They are known for yoga pants, but they also make great shorts (my second favorite item- I own 6 pairs), tank tops, swim wear, and bags. Lulu has also broken the ‘female yoga’ mold in recent years, and are now known for great menswear as well. 

I noted the shorts are my second favorite item, and that’s because the tote bag for your purchased clothes is my all-time fave. Yes, it is free (well, already bundled in the clothing price), and although the materials have changed over the years, this bag is consistently my go-to lunch bag, gym bag, grocery bag, library book bag, and running-out-the-door bag. It comes in two different sizes (above is the smaller size), with different, fun designs that change over time. The bags can be thrown in a washing machine and scrunched into a small ball. They weigh virtually nothing and are pretty indestructible (I’ve had one for 8 years). 

So if you ever purchase more than two items from Lulu, make sure you go through the check-out twice to get a few of these awesome bags.